“Once Upon A Time… European Children All Together”.

Reading comprehension is a key and a primary skill. Thanks to this ability, it is possible to gain some knowledge and improve important life competences. Reading and reading comprehension belong to the basic skills which are developed during different subjects at school. They are also included in the European Curriculum. The most recent internal evaluation at school shows that young European students have huge difficulties in reading and reading comprehension and low motivation to reading with pleasure. This troublesome situation is a challenge for those who get very low results/marks. They are exposed to social exclusion caused by a lack of these basic skills.

This is the reason  why Primary School in Dlugie together with partnership schools from  Spain, Italy and Slovakia elaborated a project “Once Upon A Time… European Children All Together”. The main goals of the project are developing students’ language competences such as reading, storytelling, interpretation or writing, increasing a motivation to reading with pleasure, partnership learning, exchanging the experiences, improving a school offer and quality of work, enriching teaching methods and solving problems of a lack of tolerance,  undeveloped imagination, antisocial behavior, low motivation for reading, discrimination of weak students, computer technology addiction, violence at schools.

Around 3000 participants will take part in the project ( direct or indirect). The project is addressed to students, teachers, parents and local community. It activates not only talented students but also those with difficulties, from different social communities. Low students’ results and marks  have an influence on their success, education, creativity and entrepreneurship. These aspects lead to impose the risk of unemployment or low financial status in the future life and  make their participation in social, cultural, economic, democratic life harder and harder.

4 European schools decided to decrease this risk and improve reading and reading comprehension through equipping students with basic skills, activating them during all stages of the project, promoting responsibility for being a European and also improving foreign language and ICT skills.

A wide range of activities will be taken to motivate students to look for fairytales and legends, get to know the texts from European culture, analyze texts in order to notice some similarities and differences. All these planned activities will give students a chance to organize their own ideas, develop their creativity and independency and improve language skills within a mother tongue and a foreign language.

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